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Letter from the Earl of Moira to a Member of the Irish Parliament



Mohtalto, Ballynahinch
Oct 19. 1796



The Newspapers mention you as having said in your speech on the first day of the Session that the violences suffered by his Majesties Catholic Subjects in the County of Armagh had been much exaggerated. Lest false information should have been designedly given to you upon so serious a point I cannot but feel it incumbent to inform you Sir (which from my vicinty to the scene I am enabled to do with confidence) that the outrages have gone to a much greater extent than I ever heard stated in Dublin and the persecution is even now continuing with unabated activity. I have a detached estate bordering upon the County of Armagh which tho' in an inferior degree has felt the effects of that licentious barbarity.

Upon reading your speech, I deemed it adviseable to procure an authenticated account of the number of my tenantry who have been driven within the last year from only four townlands within the parish of Tullylish I have the honour to enclose a list of ninety one persons who have been expelled that manner from their possessions and I have to add that most of them have had their little property either destroyed or taken, many of them have been cruelly wounded. To leave no doubt as to the accuracy of the statement, I have solicited the resident minister of the Parish, who is likewise a Justice of the peace, to certify the list as far as his general knowledge of the case may enable him.

Should this not be sufficient, I am ready at any time to substantiate the facts before Parliament. The place where this has happened is in the heart of the Linen Manufactories and is one of the most industrious parts of Ireland. It will not escape your observation, Sir, that Catholics of the lower class (such as these sufferers are) are not permitted by law to have arms for their own defence; and it must occur that they thence have a peculiar claim upon government for protection against lawless depredation.

I have the Honour to be Sir

with much respect

Your obedi: & very humble Servt.




Names of the Roman Catholic Inhabitants on the Earl of Moira's estate, who were obliged to fly from the persecution which has raged with unrelenting fury in this neighbourhood since Sept 1795.


Townland of Bleary.

Edwd. McConwell Sr Edwd Magnigin
Edwd. McConwell Jr John Cunningham
Edw. Burnes Williem Obins
John Doran James Drainy
Arthur Toman James Coyle
Phi Toman William Frazer
Laughlin Hanlon John Kearney
John Magannon Thomas Kearney
David Magannon Widow Drainy
Meredith Orson John Divers
Pat Orson James McConvill
James Mackle Nicholas Doud
John Macanerny Hugh Dowd
Murtagh Brannon John Kennedy
Henry Brannon Meredith McCosker
John Collins Berd McCosker
Owen McCormic


Preparing to go

Pat Burnes
Arthur Burries
James McCardel


Townland of Ballydugan.


James Dowd Widow Maguigin
John Dowd Owen McManus
Francis Gillen Felix Coyle
Dan. Gillen Pat Tagart
James McAlinden Terence Crossy
Henry McAlinden Chs McConvill
Owen Sheeky Phelimy McConvill
John Sheeky Arthur McConvill
Thos. McAnerney Hugh McConvill
Arthur McAnerney his son
Widow McAnerney Phil McCosker
Thos. McAnerney White Dan McCosker
William Moor Pat. McConvill


Townland of Clare.


James McConvill John Dullaghan
Pat McConvill Henry Dullaghan
Meredith McConvill Henry Dullaghan Jr.
Anthony McConvill Francis Magone
Pat. B. McConvill John Brannon
John Farrell Pat. McMullan
Thos. Kearney Terence 0'Hare
Dan. Mooney Roger Kearney
Neal McElvanna Owen McConville
Jas. Macann Hugh Campbell
James Gorman Meridith McManus
Widow Devlin John Devlin
Walter McDonnel Phelemy Divers





Felix Hagan
Pat O'Hare


The number of inhabitants who have left this neighborhood cannot be easily ascertained, but by the most moderate computation may be rated at 150 many more are preparing to go.

The above list of the names of the persons (many of them land-holders but all of them house-holders) who have removed from the Earl of Moira's estate, in the parish of Tullyish in the course of the present year was returned to me by Mr. Kelly the parish Priest and from every information I have been able to procure I believe it to be correct.

Cha. Hamilton
Vicar of Tullyish and
a Magistrate for the
County of Down.

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