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McConville Marriages Creggan Parish

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Civil and religious McConville marriages from the Parishes of Upper & Lower Creggan, County Armagh [Crossmaglen & Cullyhanna Parishes]. This list represents the McConville marriages in these parishes from 1866 - 1944.

Kieran McConville

Date Groom's Name Status Father's Name Address Bride's Name Status Father's Name Address Place of Marriage
1866-02-13 McConville James w Patrick Teer McCreesh Judith s Michael Corliss Crossmaglen
1870-03-01 Harvey Owen b James Corliss McConville Mary s Arthur Teer Crossmaglen
1870-12-13 McVerry Michael b Michael Skeriff McConville Mary Anne s Thomas? Skeriff Cullyhanna
1874-02-08 Moley John b John Cregganduff McConville Anne s Arthur Teer Crossmaglen
1875-10-19 McConville James b James Ummericam Traynor Sarah s Peter Glassdrummond Crossmaglen
1875-11-18 Fagan Patrick b n/n Tullyogallaghan McConville Mary Anne s n/n Tullyogallaghan Cullyhanna
1876-01-25 Lavelle Thomas b James Lisanny McConville Rosanna s Hugh Teer Crossmaglen
1879-07-24 McConville John b James Ummericam Brannigan Mary s Thomas Skeriff Cullyhanna
1881-12-06 McCabe Terence b James Tullyard McConville Catherine s Bryan Tullyard Crossmaglen
1884-02-26 Boyle Michael b Patrick Monaguillagh McConville Mary s Hugh Teer Crossmaglen
1887-01-09 Quinn James b John Anamar McConville Catherine s Hugh Teer Crossmaglen
1889-08-18 McConville Bryan b Arthur Teer McConville Rose s James Teer Crossmaglen
1892-04-13 Hughes John b Edward Longfield McConville Mary Anne s Patrick Clarbane Crossmaglen
1894-07-21 Callan James b Thomas Dundalk McConville Mary s Michael+ Tullydonnell Crossmaglen
1896-02-11 Smith Bernard b John Sheetrim McConville Mary s Arthur Teer Crossmaglen
1897-07-22 McEnaneay Edward b Francis Drumleek [M] McConville Elizabeth s Hugh Teer Crossmaglen
1898-02-08 McConville James b Hugh Teer McGurk Margaret s Edward Teer Crossmaglen
1899-05-11 McConville Patrick b James Teer McGuinness Mary Ann s Bernard Sheetrim Cullyhanna
1902-06-03 McConville James b John Crosmaglen Quigley Lizzie 20 Daniel Crossmaglen Crossmaglen
1902-11-20 McEntee John b James Crossmaglen McConville Lizzie s John Crossmaglen Crossmaglen
1904-09-06 McConville Joseph b Patrick+ Crossmaglen Connolly Ellen s Edward+ Cornahove Crossmaglen
1904-11-17 Kelly John b Edward Glassdrummond McConville Mary Anne s Patrick Legmoylin Crossmaglen
1906-02-06 McConville Patrick b James Glassdrummond Loughran Mary s Patrick Ummericam Cullyhanna
1906-07-26 McMahon James b Cornelius Castleblayney McConville Bridget s James+ Teer Crossmaglen
1906-10-04 McConville John b James Teer McDonnell Elizabeth s James Corliss Crossmaglen
1909-09-14 McConville Peter b James Teer Bellew Bridget s Patrick Kiltybane Cullyhanna
1910-01-25 McDonnell Charles b Thomas Corliss McConville Catherine s John Loughross Crossmaglen
1910-06-28 Gorman Thomas b Thomas+ Shanmullagh McConville Mary Anne s John Loughross Crossmaglen
1910-11-25 McConville James b James Teer Muckian Catherine s Bernard Dorsey Cullyhanna
1912-05-23 McConville Patrick b Patrick Mounthill McKeown Mary s Thomas Cornonagh Crossmaglen
1921-03-29 Conlon James b Patrick Drummakill McConville Rose Anne s Brian Teer Crossmaglen
1923-07-02 McConville Patrick w James Glassdrummond Grant Mary s Hugh Tullydonnell Crossmaglen
1924-01-03 Casey Francis b Owen+ Dorsey McConville Isabella s Peter Ummericam Cullyhanna
1934-08-14 Brady Stephen b Patrick Caveek, W'point McConville Katie s Patrick Sheetrim Cullyhanna
1936-06-10 McConville Patrick b Patrick Crossmaglen McArdle Rosaleen s Michael Crossmaglen Crossmaglen
1938-01-27 Coleman Thomas b John+ Barrack St. Dundalk McConville Mary s Patrick Sheetrim Cullyhanna
1939-07-18 McConville James 28 John Corliss Nugent Rosaleen 20 John Creenkill Crossmaglen
1944-04-22 Kelly Owen 28 Michael Magherakill, Broomfield McConville Mary 22 Peter Teer Crossmaglen

Key: b=bachelor, w=widower, s=spinster, n/n=no name, plus sign=father was dead on marriage date

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